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MicroStrategy, invested $ 425 million of its treasury funds in Bitcoin last year. The company and its CEO have been lauded for supposedly promoting the adoption of BTC by the general public.

First, the start of the Bitcoin rally allowed MicroStrategy to take advantage of market conditions. It also allowed him to increase the value of his BTC holdings. By the time Bitcoin was nearing $ 13,000, MicroStrategy would have made $ 100 million in two months, on their Bitcoin purchases.

In addition, the company’s “primary cash reserve asset” had increased the company’s overall visibility in the market. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor says this.

It’s no surprise that the CEO is now considering hosting a Bitcoin corporate strategy conference. On January 12, Saylor announced that the company’s new program will provide insight into ways to “integrate into the Bitcoin currency network.” Thus the advantages of the different strategies ”.

Integrating Bitcoin into strategies

With Ross Steven, and other industry figures. Michael Saylor will discuss integrating Bitcoin into cash reserve strategies. The conference will also include the incorporation of assets into the balance sheets of public and private companies. Legal, regulatory and audit considerations are also on the agenda.

The company is the first publicly traded company to invest significant cash assets in Bitcoin that the company claims. However, MicroStrategy holds 70,470 BTC, worth over $ 1.596 billion, in its cash reserve. This makes him the largest holder of the asset in a list of other companies that have invested in BTC, according to Bitcoin Treasures.

Nevertheless, Saylor has always insisted on the reasons why more. companies must invest in the main asset. In fact, the CEO even suggested Elon Musk could convert Tesla’s balance sheet to Bitcoin. Saylor tells Musk that other S&P 500 companies would follow his lead if he embraced digital asset.

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