Hi-tech : 22 million users online

The WWDC20 kept us on the lookout until the last moment and it couldn’t be different for one of Apple’s most important events, which for the first time took place virtually, due to the necessary precautions motivated by the current health emergency. However, Apple achieved a luxury presentation not only for the novelties presented, but for the logistics of the event in general.

Almost a month later, regarding the company’s second-quarter earnings call, Tim Cook confirmed that The World Developers Conference was a great success that brought together 22 million views of broadcasts on the day of the event.

A change in logistics goes better than expected!

Despite the challenge of coordinating the stream for a smooth presentation and showing in a limited time the long list of announcements for each of his device’s operating systems, Tim Cook stated:

“It was a busy week with many exciting announcements. Notably, the first fully virtual WWDC went smoothly and many developers shared positive feedback. Some even ask Apple to use the online format in the future. One of the most positive aspects was that many more people were able to participate this year compared to a traditional WWDC face-to-face event. ”

In his comments, Cook took the opportunity to congratulate the Apple team for gathering “a great fully digital WWDC” and confirmed that 22 million viewers in all Apple broadcasts. Over 72 hours of developer video content – three full days. 4,500 laboratories from person to person.

The most important events of the year have been a challenge for Apple and for technology companies in general, which in addition to sharing their technological advances, promote exchange between the developer communities in spaces designed for this, such as the Apple park. However, most have managed very well for traditional assistants and the general public to find advantages in this new modality.