Hi Tech : Actor who gave voice to Goku dies and causes confusion in Latin America

Confusion is unleashed on the internet and social networks due to the death of the dubbing actor who gave voice to Goku in Dragon Ball Z. But it is not about Mario Castañeda.

To who FayerWayer, as in much of Latin America, we are absolute devotees of Dragon ball and all his universe.

For this reason we were puzzled in recent hours after seeing a curious case, where misleading headlines and the disinformation due to the virality of everything put this side of the continent in mourning for the death of the actor who gave voice to the adult Goku.

Upon learning of this news without investigating much, a good part of the Spanish-speaking people immediately regretted the death of the voice actor Mario Castañeda. But what happened was something else.

Goku’s voice died, but not that voice

The boys of the New York Post Y ComicBook They were among the first to break the news that Kirby Morrow, a Canadian voice actor, in charge of playing Goku in Dragon Ball Z for its English version, had passed away.

Morrow passed away unexpectedly and to date the exact causes of his death at 47 years of age are unknown.

But when many Spanish-language outlets made the news headlines they omitted Kirby’s name and only focused on the role that had made him famous.

What detonated great confusion on Twitter and other social networks where several users believed, at least momentarily, that the legendary Mario Castañeda was the one who had died:

The death of the actor is regrettable as well as being overshadowed by that confusion due to the genuine affection that the community has for his legacy in Dragon Ball.

In fact, Mario himself used his official Twitter account to post a short message in tribute to Morrow. Clearing in passing any doubt about how you are:

Rest in peace, Kirby Morrow. Let us breathe the same calmly. Mario Castañeda is fine.