Hi-tech : Complete your iPad Pro with a good keyboard: 5 great options

The iPad Pro is a professional device, and for the experience to be complete it is almost mandatory to get a good quality keyboard. If you want the iPad to replace your computer, get one of these keyboards, your productivity will increase considerably.

IVSO Spanish keyboard

This is a quality option at a great price. We have one very complete case that also has a keyboard. This keyboard is in Spanish, so it has the ñ key and the rest of the characteristic keys and, in addition, it is backlit.

OMOTON keyboard

A simple option for those who They will only use the keyboard on the iPad from time to time. It is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard that has dedicated keys for the iPad and a stand to place the device.

KVAGO keyboard cover

Another nice case with a built-in keyboard, the good thing about this option is that the keyboard is magnetized, so can be put on or taken off depending on the moment. It is in Spanish and it is an option to consider.


This is one of the best keyboards for the iPad Pro that you can buy. Logitech is a brand of high quality and their keyboards are great, the touch of the keys is the best you will find.

Apple Magic Keyboard

If money is no problem, the best keyboard you can buy for your iPad Pro is Apple’s Magic Keyboard. From design to functionality, including the trackpad, there is no other superior.