Hi Tech : Genshin Impact is free, but filtering the content to come can be very expensive

miHoYo has sued players who leaked the content of the closed beta version 1.2.

One of the surprises of the year in the video game world is Genshin Impact. The free to play RPG of myHoYo is concentrating millions of gamers around the world and the studio is getting lots of income thanks to the title. Recently, the Chinese developer has incorporated version 1.1 into the game, which has introduced many new features. But, as was already known, the study continues to work on more content.

miHoYo has already taken legal action against players who leaked content.As you might expect, the game has a system of beta, in which some testers are testing the add-ons that will be coming to the game, to check that everything works correctly. Well, apparently some players have leaked the content that will arrive with the version 1.2 and myHoYo has not done a bit of grace, since he has announced that has sued to the authors of the leak.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Chinese study reported the situation: “For our disappointment, we recently detected that some of the players who were invited to participate in the trial version of 1.2 shared and showed content […], even though they signed the confidentiality agreement. For this reason, miHoYo has already legal measures against the players in question. “

Image by Genshin Impact

The study has stated that understands that the players want to know more about what will be added to the game in the future, but you have considered that these actions impair development: “Previously we had serious problems […] of incorrect information that, not only they disrupted our plan development and dissemination of the new version, but also caused many travelers to take wrong impressions, confusions and disappointments “.

The breach of confidentiality involves irreparable damage miHoYo“The breach of confidentiality not only means that all our effort is lost, but also spoil the surprise of our travelers coming into contact with the new characters for the first time, “explained miHoYo, who insisted that” this behavior is a irreparable damage“. The study has reported that for future versions they will perform exclusive previews so that fans are more aware of the development.

The statement ends with a curious claim: miHoYo has asked the players to condemn these types of actions and do not support them. Genshin Impact is available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobiles, and will arrive on Nintendo Switch on an unknown specific date. If you are curious about it, we recommend you try it, since it is free, but you can also recall our analysis.

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