Hi-tech : iOS 14 beta 6: all the news found

Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 14 yesterday, just a week after the launch of the fifth beta of the system, which indicates that its final launch is quite close. In recent years Apple has followed a similar strategy, during the first phase of development betas appear every two weeks, and new versions appear every week as the release approaches. The system is becoming increasingly polished for its global launch to all users.

In the first betas we saw a lot of changes, and with the passage of time these changes have been reduced while errors were fixed. This sixth beta does not come with very important changes, but it does with exciting news and activation of promised functions in the presentation of a few months ago.

What’s new in the sixth beta of iOS 14

It does not seem that this year we are going to exceed 10 beta versions, for now these are the news that have come so far in different betas, and those that we have in beta number 6 of iOS 14.

Time selector layout

The time selector when we add a new alarm or timer has changed in iOS 14, it is no longer the classic wheel that we slide, now a numeric keyboard appears with which we will choose the hour or time. However, in this beta 6 the wheel has partially returnedIn the small square where the hour and minutes are indicated, we can slide up and down. Right now it is quite small, so it would not be strange to see how Apple increases the size of this small window.

Spatial Audio

A feature promised at the iOS 14 presentation at WWDC20 and related to AirPods Pro. This feature makes the audio that reaches us AirPods does not turn or move when we move our heads, giving a greater sense of immersion. In the sixth beta of iOS 14 there are already references to Spatial Audio with a function to make the reproduced sound sound as if it came from the iPhone.

New Welcome Screen to Maps

In other betas we have seen more screens like these, Apple includes them in each new app or function so that the first time you enter you see all the news. Maps now includes a new home screen, for now in English, indicating news such as navigation, explore and discover.

Rename in Smart Stack widget by Smart Group

Widgets are one of the most important novelties of iOS 14 and there is one of them that is a group of several that change intelligently throughout the day depending on your use. Until now this widget was called Smart Stack, but in beta 6 it has changed its name to Smart Group.

These are the main news that we have found in the sixth beta of iOS 14, they are not many, rather they are slight changes, but that it’s good news as it means that the system is almost ready.