Hi Tech : “There are inconsistencies in the statements,” says Eleazar Gómez’s lawyer

“There was never hanging, we are going to reserve all that, but I checked what the expert determined and there are no marks on the neck, there was no hanging. We talked about his matter and in these days we will determine how the course is going to be carried out, there are inconsistencies in the statements, “he told the cameras in his meeting with the press.

It is striking that, according to information from Ventanenado, the family of Eleazar does not know if it is true that the lawyer Froylan Diaz is responsible for taking the actor’s case, to which Díaz assured that it is because he has not had contact with the family of his client, who is also his friend, according to his words.

“He directly hired us Eleazar, surely in the next few days I will get in touch with his family. I was there from the first hearing, there was already a lawyer there, I attended but as a friend, Eleazar He is my friend and that is why I took the case ”, he assured.

Likewise, the actor’s lawyer assured that the family of Eleazar You can go visit him, which contradicts the versions that assured that they had to wait 20 days due to the pandemic of Covid-19, disease that he claims, the actor is not infected.

It should be remembered that a few days ago the possibility that he was the lawyer was discussed Angel Claude Bazán, brother of Geraldine Bazán, who will take the case of the actor, however, everything seems to indicate that it will be another legal defender who represents Gómez.