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Alan Rickman never had a big presence in awards season. Even so, the Briton went down in history by winning the most important award of all: the recognition of the public who cheered each of his performances and who considered him a key element in some of the most important films of recent decades. It is not for less, because his talent allowed him to roam through different genres that go from historical drama to action and science fiction, and interpret all kinds of fascinating characters, from Germanic terrorists to conflicted wizards in one of the most important sagas of all. the times.

Here is a list of the best Alan Rickman films.

10. Intergalactic Traveler’s Guide (Dir. Garth Jennings, 2005)

Alan Rickman had an unmistakable voice. This quality was decisive in the construction of each of its characters, but it was especially useful to give life to a curious robot that is among the greatest references in science fiction. It is about Marvin, whose vast database and advanced programming give him enviable wisdom, but also continuous suffering from the lack of intellectual challenges that condemn him to a boring and predictable life. This personality, together with his unmistakable physical appearance, made him the greatest symbol of the Intergalactic Traveler’s Guide, one of the great space operas of recent times that, inspired by the novel by Douglas Adams, took audiences on a crazy journey. during the writing of an interplanetary tour guide while uncovering the dolphin’s biggest secret.

Alan Rickman Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

9. Invisible enemy (Dir. Gavin Hood, 2015)

Cinema has always shown great interest in the dilemmas of war, being the Invisible Enemy one of the most prominent examples in recent years when exploring the ethical consequences of remote attacks. All this from a British operation against a terrorist group in Kenya that is hampered by the presence of innocents in the territory to be bombed. It didn’t get all the attention it deserved, but its rave reviews and word of mouth have raised its prestige over time. It is also remembered for being Alan Rickman’s last great film.

8. Rasputin (Dir. Uli Edel, 1996)

Like many other British actors of his generation, Alan Rickman had some notable appearances on the small screen, with Rasputin television being the most prominent of all. A deep exploration of the enigmatic adviser of the Romanov family and that was strengthened by the excellent work of its protagonist in a hypnotic interpretation. Although it is not the actor’s most recognized film, it represented his most successful performance by winning a Golden Globe and an Emmy in the category of Best Actor in Miniseries or Television Specials.

Alan Rickman Rasputin

7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Dir. Tim Burton, 2007)

Alan Rickman Sweeney Todd

A murderous barber whose victims were taken advantage of to make meat pies. Against this background, it is no surprise that Sweeney Todd became one of the most fascinating characters in Victorian England, whose legend has inspired all kinds of artistic works for generations. Strangely, this includes a musical that was brilliantly translated into film by the ever-obscure Tim Burton. The stellar duo was played by their eternal Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, while the tragedy was completed by an exquisite Alan Rickman as the judge who destroyed the life of the title character, condemning him to madness, the eternal search for revenge and impossibility. of redemption. One of the most emblematic films in the British career, also celebrated for being the only production that used his unmistakable voice to make him sing.

6. Michael Collins (Dir. Neil Jordan, 1996)

Alan Rickman Michael Collins

You might think that Alan Rickman specialized in the interpretation of villains, when he really was an expert in the construction of characters with enormous moral complexity. Such was the case of Éamon de Valera in Michael Collins, a key figure in the fight for Irish liberation and whose decisions were decisive for the fate of the region, even though they did not always coincide with the ideals pursued by the titular character played by Liam. Neeson. One of the most memorable films in the work of Alan Rickman, as well as one of his best incarnations. Unfortunately, it is also among his least valued films, as his stupendous work was barely recognized with a BAFTA nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actor. Almost 30 years away, there are many who still think that the actor deserved more.

5. Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves (Dir. Kevin Reynolds, 1991)

Alan Rickman Robin Hood

The legend of Robin Hood has been made into a movie countless times, but none are as memorable as The Prince of Thieves. The film featured a world-class setting and an enviable ensemble led by Kevin Costner and complemented by Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater and Sean Connery. And yet, nothing would have been the same without the presence of Alan Rickman, whose talent was instrumental in building a Nottingham Sheriff who well deserves to be considered among the best villains of the decade. A subject obsessed with the throne, endowed with an irascible and insane personality, and whose hatred for the hero of the story makes him fantasize about the idea of ​​taking his heart out with a spoon in search of more pain. An exquisite mix that resulted in the actor’s only BAFTA in four nominations. One of the most memorable films of its time and for many the definitive adaptation of the Sherwood legend, even above the one starring the mythical Errol Flynn.

4. Sensibility and feelings (Dir. Ang Lee, 1995)

One of Ang Lee’s greatest qualities is his ability to eradicate the typecasts that plague so many actors, which has resulted in some of the best performances in recent years. Such was the case of Alan Rickman with Sense and Feelings, who was stripped of the villain labels that were sheathed in the 80s and 90s, and taken advantage of for a great incarnation by Colonel Brandon in what is usually considered the definitive adaptation to the novel by Jane Austen. This is because it is a moving love story, but also one of deep exploration of the time based on the female situation and social differences. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, but unfortunately Rickman did not appear in his shortlist, being one of the great omissions of the year.

3. Really love (Dir. Richard Curtis, 2003)

Alan Rickman Love Actually

Really love is one of the most celebrated feel-good movies of recent times thanks to a series of stories that, as the title indicates, revolve around love. This does not mean that the film was exempt from suffering, the character of Alan Rickman being the main responsible for it. This after his Harry betrays the noble feelings of his wife Karen before the seduction of his assistant Mia. It may not be the most challenging job of the actor, but it is one of the most remembered thanks to the popularity of the film, the wonderful integrated dumbbell with Emma Thompson and the famous sequence of the gift with Rowan Atkinson. Several years away, many fans continued to question the fate of this marriage, until screenwriter Emma Freud resolved all the doubts [vía]: “Stayed together, although home was never as happy as it used to be.” And what about Harry and Mia? The creative assured that “they definitely had an affair. I begged Richard to stay flirtatious, but no. Until the end”.

2. Harry Potter Saga (2001 – 2011)

Severus Snape is undoubtedly Alan Rickman’s most popular character, as well as one of the most memorable in the entire Harry Potter saga. Not an easy mission, the product of the great work of JK Rowling, the wise adaptations of different directors and the incredible talent of the British. It was thanks to this that the Slytherin master went from being a villain almost certainly – more than one were mistaken for The Philosopher’s Stone – to the most noble ally of Albus Dumbledore and as Harry Potter would say “probably the bravest man I have ever met in my life ”. A hidden hero who, like the boy who lived, was saved by love and who went to the lengths to ensure the safety of the young wizard. Almost impossible not to cry with his last memories and that last word: “Always.”

1. Hard to kill (Dir. John McTiernan, 1988)

John McClane would hardly have become one of the great heroes of action movies without the threat of Hans Gruber. An elegant villain, whose best weapons do not lie in the dozens of men that make up his team, but in his intelligence and strategic planning with which he made the taking of Nakatomi Plaza a virtually infallible mission. This build doesn’t stop you from slowly losing your composure when everything starts to fall apart at the hands of the eternal one-man army. It was essential to detonate the success of the franchise and to consolidate Bruce Willis as one of the main references of the genre. Even more curious that his defeat has become a peculiar symbol of the Christmas season. McClane’s adventures continued over the years, but the Los Angeles policeman was never able to find another rival as fearsome or insane as the German terrorist.

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