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It was the first time that the two teams face each other after the incredible series of playoffs in the “bubble”, where the Nuggets advanced despite being behind the score with 1-3, in the first round of the playoffs of the western region. Later, the Nuggets turned 1-3 with the Clippers, reaching the finals in the West, where they “fell” from the later champions Lakers.

Jokic scored another double-double, completing 13/13 matches with double numbers or triple-doubles as he has scored five but came close to so many more!

He scored 35 points (14/23 shots), 14 rebounds and nine assists , Jamal Murray added 30 (4/11 3-pointers, 24 in the first half), but the Nuggets did not succeed again staying at 6-7.

Maybe they seem to be missing something. Maybe this is Jeremy Grant who moved to Detroit and is having an incredible season as their leader and his replacement, Michael Porter J. has been missing for nine games due to the NBA protocol for the coronavirus.

The Jazz, on the other hand, enjoy a great period where they count five consecutive wins and a record of 9-4 overall (7-2 away from home) and hold third place in the West.

Jordan Clarkson scored 23 points from the bench, while Donovan Mitchell added 18 but with 0/7 three-pointers and 7/20 shots in total. But he made a crucial shot one minute before the end, while handing out seven assists.

Rudy Gomber suffered from Jokic throughout the match, eventually counting 15 points and 13 rebounds. But he came out the winner and not his Serbian opponent in the “five”. At 17, Bojan Bogdanovic stopped with 5/9 three-pointers and Mike Conley had 14 and eight assists for the Utah Jazz. All good so far for them…

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