‘HIT’ changes institute in its season 2 and prepares a spin-off with Anne Frank students – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Given the great reception from both the public and the critics, It was expected that Spanish Television would renew ‘HIT’ and will not let her escape. It was a few days after the end of the first batch when it was confirmed that there would be a second season, but both the public entity and Grupo Ganga, the producer, wanted to leave the mystery open of what the new batch would be like: Second year at the same institute or with the protagonist reached a new one with different students? Now we have the answer.

Daniel Grao as Hugo Ibarra Toledo in ‘HIT’

As FormulaTV has learned exclusively, the character of Hugo Ibarra Toledo (Daniel Grao) will leave the Anne Frank institute to start a new adventure professional and personal in another center. In this way, the fiction will have the classic structure of the procedural format, by showing the same character with another problem, in a different environment and with other people around him. Currently, showrunner Joaquín Oristrell and his team are beginning to develop the scripts for season 2.

Therefore, the second batch of ‘HIT’ will completely renew its cast, Daniel Grao being the only one who will foreseeably continue in this praised production of the public chain. Despite the generational change or change in the format, Grupo Ganga does not plan to completely forget about Lena (Carmen Arrufat), Darío (Gabriel Guevara), Nourdin (Nourdin Batan), Jaco (Melías) and the rest of the Anne Frank students .

Grupo Ganga prepares a spin-off of ‘HIT’

As you have learned exclusively FormulaTV, the producer of ‘Tell me how it happened’ works on a possible spin-off starring the students of the first season. This is not an assignment from RTVE or any streaming platform, but the company studies different ways to continue telling what happened to them after their time at the institute, when they began their foray into the world of work as interns or working to finance their studies. superiors. At the moment, the production company has made a teaser to see if there is a possibility of developing this project parallel to the second season of ‘HIT’.

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