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IO Interactive will open a website to pass the progress from Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 on consoles and PC.

Hitman 3

One of the launches more important the beginning of 2021 is just around the corner. IO Interactive will launch next Wednesday, January 20, Hitman 3. This new installment of the Agent 47 closes the trilogy that the studio began in 2016. On PC, as announced some time ago, the video game will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year and this entails Some difficulties. IO Interactive has released a pre-release guide, which details various issues in the game.

In Hitman 3 we can play the scenarios of previous installmentsThe first title of this reboot was published Square enix, the sequel Warner Bros. and, now, it is IO Interactive completely Independent who publishes Hitman 3. For licensing issues, Hitman 2 no this on the Epic Games Store, making it difficult for players to enjoy all the preview content. IO Interactive has explained the steps to follow and will play checkout on PC.

The Hitman game model causes players to enjoy the games scenarios from previous titles in the new installments, but in Hitman 3 it will not be something automatic in all cases. IO Interactive has posed the Hitman and Hitman 2 scenarios as Hitman 3 DLC, in what they called the Access Pass, which have different options.

The Hitman trilogy in one game

In order to have all the content on PC, the process is complex. The consoles are not exempt from the difficulty either, although we will detail that later. On PC, to get the Access Pass 1 for free you have several options: if you reserve H3 or buy it in its first 10 days, you will have it at no additional cost; Also, if you have a copy of H1 in the Epic library (worth the one they gave for free), you will have the Access Pass 1 free if you buy Hitman 3 one day.

In the case of Access Pass 2, you will have to pay on PC. No choice. Since the title is not in the Epic store, IO Interactive will lower the value of the Access Pass a 80% during the first 14 days after the release of Hitman 3. So, if you want it, stay tuned to buy it sooner and to be able to save you some money. Of course, keep in mind that there will be several Access Pass 2 with different content.

Hitman Image 3

On consoles, the theme also has crumb. In the case of Hitman 1, the way to get Access Pass 1 for free is as follows: “If you have already downloaded the H1 Legacy Pack, H1 GOTY Legacy Pack or H1 GOTY Upgrade for Hitman 2, you can download it at no additional cost. Yes, it is a free upgrade to the GOTY Edition if you only own the H1 Standard Edition. ” If you have H1 on disk, you should get the Legacy Pack to access content on H2 and then claim Access Pass 1.

As for Hitman 2, things are no less complex on consoles. There is three versions Access Pass 2 (Standard, Gold and Expansion) and you can claim each of them for free depending on which version of the game you have. Of course, the explanation of IO Interactive is confusing and we only recommend analyze well the steps to follow, because it is complicated.

Hitman Image 3

IO Interactive will open a website to pass the progress of Hitman 2 to Hitman 3

In case the thing was not complex, the studio has decided that in order to move the progress of Hitman 2 to the third installment, will open a web page (which has not yet transpired) and we will have to link our accounts of the respective stores with an account of the study itself. It can only be done between the same console family (from PlayStation to PlayStation and from Xbox to Xbox) and from Steam to Epic Games. The study will give more details.

Of all the commented, Stadia gets off. You will not have to do anything special to have the previous content or to pass the progress. Advantage of the game in the cloud. As we said, the video game will be released on January 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch, a platform that is not affected by this news and confirmed the arrival of the game through from the cloud. In 3D Games We have already been able to test the game and we tell you our impressions.

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