“Hold on, we will have these c *”: the controversial SMS support from Emmanuel Macron to his Minister of Health

If the French president is very upset in the face of the delays in vaccination in France, he supports his Minister of Health. Evidenced by an outspoken SMS.

Lhe coronavirus vaccine is more than ever at the heart of multiple tensions in France. The French president did not hesitate to raise a rant when France did not vaccinate enough people. Emmanuel Macron also deals with anti-vaccines, and the attacks on Olivier Véran, his Minister of Health.

The Minister of Health under pressure

Adored when he was appointed to replace Agnès Buzyn, the French Minister of Health has seen the tide turn since the beginning of the year. He would even be tackled by his comrades in the government who see him as “the man of failure”. “Véran has a broad back, but he also has strong backs. No matter how hard I look, I don’t see who would do better, ”said Roland Lescure, LREM president of the Assembly’s Economic Affairs Committee, in Le Point, Tuesday 12 January.

Some rumors announce an upcoming dismissal of Olivier Véran, who can however be reassured by having the support of Emmanuel Macron. “Hold on, we will have them, these c *” would have sent him by SMS the president, reports Le Point.

Who are “these c *”?

But who are “these c *” in question? Members of the health administration that the president would like to bring to heel, considering them as “a state within a state”.

During a meeting in recent days, Emmanuel Macron would have been very angry at reading a brochure given to nursing homes concerning vaccines. ” What is that thing ? Who wrote this? The French take us for fools! I want us to really step up on vaccines. I do not understand why we impose a medical consultation before, blow me this! “, He would have exploded, according to several French media.

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