Holes in the sky? NASA explains this curious phenomenon – Explica .co

04/08/2021 at 11:03 AM CEST


NASA has published surprising images about phenomena that make holes appear in the sky. A rather unique event that you can see in the image above surprised millions of users who cast their doubts on social networks. It happened specifically in Wonthaggi, a city southeast of Melbourne where very few people live, about 5000. There, a strange photograph in which the sky had a “hole” was quickly spread and became viral all over the world. .

These images went around the world as we have already explained, so seven years after the events (it happened in 2014) NASA continues to receive questions about the event. What has also happened in Sweden and the United States, conspiracy theories were not long in coming, more if possible with such amazing images.

This phenomenon is known as “Fallstreak Holes”, or “Hole-punch clouds”, which occurs when it is very cold or certain atmospheric pressure instabilities occur. It occurs in medium-level clouds made up of very cold liquid water droplets, which curiously remain in a liquid state even though they reach the freezing point of water. If an airplane passes through these cold water droplets, it can cause them to freeze, generating ice crystals and giving rise to this phenomenon.

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