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Last Friday, November 13 it was an ideal date for the premiere of This body feels like death (Freaky). Horror comedy in which a 17-year-old blonde girl exchanges her body, because of a strange phenomenon, with that of a mature serial killer. But the pandemic, once again, disrupted plans and slasher by Christopher Landon went on to join the long list of postponed premieres. Not in the United States, where it did arrive in theaters on the scheduled day.

For now, its distributor, Universal, only states on its website that the premiere in Spain will be “soon”. Starring a Vince vaughn ideal for these roles, and the young Kathryn Newton, from the series Big Little Lies or Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, what’s new from the director of Happy death day! serves as an example of a genre, or subgenre, on the rise in recent years, that of horror comedies.

Joining humor with scares has always been there, but so far this decade the number has skyrocketed and horror comedy has become as prolific as movies about monsters, zombies, serial killers, or supernatural phenomena.

We will see if a Spanish production will also arrive soon, Malnazidos. The theme of the Civil War, and the eternal conflict between “the two Spains”, that of reds and blues, with a touch of fashion, that of zombies. Irreconcilable sides forced to unite to face a common enemy. Director of Superlopez, Javier Ruiz Caldera, and a debutante, Alberto de Toro, until now dedicated to assembly, they harvestedgood comments In its presentation at the last Sitges Festival and Sony announces its premiere in theaters, at least for now, for January 22.

[Sitges 2020]  'Malnazidos': One, big, zombie and free

Nor has it been badly received Love and monsters, starring Dylan o’brien, with a plot similar to that of Zombieland, a journey in a post-apocalyptic Earth but with monsters from another world instead of the undead. It premiered in mid-October in the United States in a limited number of cinemas and VOD. Surely among us, digital platforms will end up being their destiny.

Also, Sony keeps for March 12 one of the most anticipated blockbusters, and that this 2020 should have come to us. Ghostbusters: Beyond, uniting two generations, that of veterans and above all a cast of young actors such as Finn wolfhard from Stranger things. At the same time, Tim Burton intends to perform a second part of Bitelchús, and one of the producers of The walking dead will also take care of remake from An American werewolf in London from John landis.

From remakes and sequels to original stories

There has been talk of a possible third installment of the Gremlins. As much as it is fantasy and a comedy for all audiences, on their dark side, these were still little critters, fans of tricks, but also to murder in cold blood for fun. The film is still on the air, but what is in development is an animated series for HBO Max, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mowai.

'The Mortuary Collection'
‘The Mortuary Collection’
Trapdoor Pictures

And in Sitges we had another advance of titles. Highlighted a pack of four composed of The Mortuary Collection, one of the best episode movies of recent years. Just like the Canadians Psycho Goreman, with bloody aliens, and one of the most applauded films of the contest; Y Vicious fun, with an unmistakable eighties touch (the protagonist dresses like that of Return to the future) and serial killers of very varied procedures. The fourth is a picturesque Hungarian production,Comrade Drakulich (Comrade Dracula), colorful story of love, sex, communism and bloodsuckers awarded with the best screenplay. Although for all of them again digital windows seem to be their most likely destination.

Comedians like Harold lloyd or Buster keaton they already made their forays, with the shorts Haunted spooks from 1920 and The Haunted House 1921, in the silent film years. After the enormous success, especially in the 1930s, from the monsters of Universal there were no shortage of parodies and comedies such as Abbott and Costello against the ghosts 1948, by the popular duo of North American comedians of the time.

Those great classics!

But the real boom arrived in the 80s with titles like Re-Animator, Scary night, the saga Infernal possession (especially with Terrifyingly deadsy The army of darknesss) or the aforementioned An American werewolf in London.

So far this century, the rise of the zombie genre It has originated a multitude of comedies, especially from the success of the British Zombies Party 2004. Then came Zombieland and sequel or both of Dead snow from Norwegian Tommy wirkola. Even a director as emblematic of North American independent cinema as he is Jim Jarmusch could not resist those emaciated guts and brain eaters with The dead don’t die.

'Terrifyingly dead'
‘Terrifyingly dead’

Monsters and atrocities to take it with a little less gravity and tragedy and that has given us other classics as extraordinary as Braindead (Your mother ate my dog) by Peter Jackson (1992) and Death suits you good (both 1992), the musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Young Frankenstein (1974) or Dance of the vampires (1967).

Also a point of distancing and satire with the saga scream (now also preparing a fifth film), or why not ?, the coolest parody with the franchise of Scary movie. As for Spanish productions, the reference director is Alex de la Iglesia after blockbusters the caliber of The Day of the Beast (1995) and Community (2000).

Four essentials of this decade

'One Cut of the Dead', to have a blast with one of zombies ... Japanese.
‘One Cut of the Dead’, to have a blast with a zombies … Japanese.
Production Company: Enbu Seminar

One Cut of the Dead (2017). Best Zombie Comedy, by permission of Zombieland or Dead snow, has come to us from Japan. Directed by Shinichirô Ueda with the antecedent of the play Noises Off! from Michael Frayn and a ridiculous budget of 3 million yen (about 24,000 euros), which in other productions would barely provide for the breakfast of the hired star, is a tribute to the craft of cinema that shows us what is cooked in front of and behind the cameras on the set of a zombie movie. (Available at Movistar +).

From the big screen to the small screen, 'What we do in the shadows'
From the big screen to the small screen, ‘What we do in the shadows’
New Zealand Film Commission

What we do in the shadows (2014). One of the current directors, the New Zealander Taika waititi, was one of the creators of this reference mockumentary, also made with a very small budget. It tells us the day to day of a group of vampires friends who have lived in the same house for centuries. Their stories have continued with the tv series that will soon begin its third season. (Available on HBO and Filmin).

All possible parodies in a single movie 'The Cabin in the Woods'
All possible parodies in a single movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods’
Mutant Enemy Productions

The cabin in the woods (2012). To Joss Whedon, celebrated by the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or his participation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and reviled by the final cut released in theaters of League of Justice by Zack Snyder, directed alongside Drew goddard one of the cult titles on the subject. They did it by staging absolutely everything, from typical slasher psychopaths, to zombies and monsters until reaching an explosive end of the party as disgusting as gore. (Available on Filmin, Movistar + and Rakuten TV).

Innocent Psycho Killers, 'Tucker & Dale Against Evil'
Innocent Psycho Killers, ‘Tucker & Dale Against Evil’
Reliance Entertainment

Tucker & Dale Against Evil (2010). If it already had merit to maintain in a more or less credible way its premise, that of two rednecks from deep North America confused by two psychopaths up and down by a group of teenagers, as real deaths and mangled bodies spread out around them, even better to do so by offering hilarious moments. It was directed by the Californian Eli craig, that little else has been lavished. (Not available in streaming).

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