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As the Trump era comes to an end power in Washington has been tumultuous. The current president has given a series of speeches that have led to the suspension of his Twitter, Facebook and other major social media accounts. Subsequently, Google also removed the social network “Talk” from its platform to reproduce the alleged message of “violence” from Trump and his supporters. Apple is now threatening to do the same.

In the midst of this controversy, Charles Hoskinson spoke out against the “monopoly” apparently exercised by these companies. Hoskinson believes these companies are “abusing” their power.

Companies have billions of users like Apple, who have a big influence on the economy because of their size. Shareholders and government companies, cannot be treated like any other private company, according to the inventor of Cardano. Hoskinson believes that information is the “oil of the 21st century”. Therefore, the progress of the world does not depend on any entity having absolute control over it.

Cryptocurrencies are an answer to people’s lack of confidence in the legacy financial system. The industry recently exceeded $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. Hoskinson believes that over the next decade the industry will continue to grow due to mass adoption by people. It seeks to create a counterweight to the centralization of government and corporate giants.

The inventor of Cardano: communities must be in control

In this sense, Hoskinson believes that the technology behind cryptocurrency should “spread to the new economy”. It should be part of the decentralization of information, a new unit of value in the creation of wealth in the current century.

Hoskinson pointed out that the crypto industry has the tools to create protocols. This will help overcome censorship and create a “new way” of managing information. One solution proposed by the inventor of Cardano is to allow users of a social network to verify with external providers by installing an application.

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