How and where to claim bus trips charged by mistake during the days when traveling in EMT has been free

The increase in pollution rates have set off alarms in the capital. To face “these consequences of the storm” and facilitate mobility affected by the snow, the City Council activated the Action Protocol for episodes of nitrogen dioxide pollution at the beginning of the week and encouraged locals to travel by public transport. With an incentive: traveling on the EMT buses is free until this Wednesday, when scenario 1 of contamination is deactivated.

All Madrilenians have been able to get on a line without paying a ticket. Of course, drivers have asked those who have either monthly or 10-trip tickets to pass the card. This has led to confusion like the one transmitted by Rocío. “I have not paid because I did not have a card and I knew it was free, but my friends have been given their subscription,” she complains.

The Municipal Transport Company resolves this complaint shared by dozens of citizens. “All users validate their titles when entering the bus and already have a subscription or a multi card. In the latter case the trips are not discounted as the use of all EMT lines is free until Wednesday (included). The traveler does not have a travel ticket, the driver gives him a free ticket. The validation of the title and the issuance of the free ticket is an operation that is already carried out on other free lines such as 001 and 002. It counts trips and grants the user their travel insurance “, they explain 20 minutes.

However, cases like those of María deviate from these indications. “This morning I passed my card as instructed by the driver and now, on my way back, I have seen that my trip has been discounted,” he says. Isidro goes further in his complaint. “We had to lend money to an older man who was not loose despite having told the driver that it was free.”

The municipal service is up to date and ensures that it was a specific problem that occurred during the first day. “This occurs when the software update is not completely carried out and some operations with payment were carried out erroneously. The incident was resolved that same morning,” they explain from the EMT.

From the EMT they have regretted the situation and encouraged that if a traveler has been charged for the trip by mistake, they should go to the Customer Service Office or transfer the incident through the web.

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