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Bone broth is going through a sizzling time and it has become one of the most popular trends to promote health, prevent disease, strengthen the immune system and lose weight. Bone broth is a highly nutrient-concentrated liquid that is made from bones and connective tissues, usually made primarily from beef and chicken bones. It is associated with extraordinary therapeutic properties which are related to the high content of nutrients that is released from the bones: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and collagen, the latter when cooked becomes a kind of gelatin that provides the body with amino acids (the components basic proteins).

Based on this, the current nutrition trend recommends the consumption of bone broth as a very powerful morning remedy, specifically it is considered the perfect food to break intermittent fasting and fill with the nutrients that the body needs after the hours of fasting. Bone broth acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory (thanks to its glutamine content), benefits digestive and intestinal health by creating a protective barrier and strengthens bones and joints. Additionally, one of its greatest qualities is related to its benefits to promote weight loss, which is why nutrition experts created the famous bone broth diet.

The bone broth diet combines a low carb paleo diet with intermittent fasting. Its followers claim that it is a method that helps to lose up to 15 pounds (the equivalent of 6,803 kg), 4 inches from the waist and is better than any anti-wrinkle cream. It is recommended to follow the diet for a period of 21 days, although the strongest results regarding weight loss are more significant from the first 7 days.

What is the bone broth diet?

The 21-day bone broth diet was created by Kellyann Petrucci, a naturopathic physician who published a book on diet and its healing benefits. A good recommendation for those who want to lose a more significant amount of weight is to extend the plan for up to twice as long, that is, 42 days.

Best of all, it is really easy and sustainable to do. It is based on two stages: for five days a week the daily diet should be based on low carb paleo meals (mainly meat, fish, poultry, eggs, non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats, and bone broth). Complementary to this, the consumption of dairy products, cereals, legumes, added sugars and alcohol should be avoided. The remaining two days of the week it must be done a kind of mini-fast, ie modified fasts instead of full fasts (since you can still drink bone broth).

How to follow the bone broth diet?

To follow the bone broth diet you simply have to choose two non-consecutive days per week to do the mini-fast and the other five days you will follow a paleo diet without fasting. Every day of the week (regardless of which ones you do the small fast), you must eat the last meal or snack of the day before 7 pm

Recommendations on the consumption of bone broth:

For the two days of fasting:

– Option 1: Drink six 1-cup (237 ml or 8 ounce) servings of bone broth.

– Option 2: Drink five servings of bone broth, then finish the day with a snack that contains protein, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats.

Note: Regardless of the option you select, you should only consume between 300 and 500 calories on mini-fast days.

For non-fasting days:

On non-fasting days, you should base your meals on the use of allowed foods which fit into the categories of proteins, vegetables, fruits and fats. The recommended diet scheme is as follows:

– Breakfast: a serving of protein, a serving of fat, a serving of fruit.

– Lunch: one serving of protein, two servings of vegetables, one serving of fat

– Dinner: one serving of protein, two servings of vegetables, one serving of fat

– Appetizers: a one-cup serving of bone broth twice a day.

Additional Specifications: Carbohydrates, including starchy fruits and vegetables, are very limited to stimulate fat burning. Petrucci does not specify a calorie range for non-fasting days and advises against counting calories.

Additionally it is important to consider an 80/20 post maintenance plan. After 21 days, or later, depending on when you achieve your weight loss goals, the 80/20 plan is essential to maintain body weight and avoid the rebound effect What does it consist of? It is based on the consumption of approved foods 80% of the time and the remaining 20% ​​of the time dietary deviations such as the consumption of dairy products and alcohol in moderation are allowed.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

– Bone broth is a powerful source of health-promoting amino acids. Which are related to benefits to promote a healthy metabolism, strengthen intestinal health, maintain healthy joints and muscle mass.

– Provides essential minerals and other compounds. Being made with animal parts that are full of nutrients, bone broths contain a significant number of minerals, among which calcium, phosphorus and magnesium stand out. These help maintain overall bone structure and strong bones.

– Strengthens the immune function. Which is directly related to its benefits in intestinal health, bone broth is rich in collagen / gelatin and the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine, which stimulate the immune system and protect us from diseases.

– Improves intestinal health. Compounds found in bone broth, especially collagen peptides and gelatin, help support intestinal health because they play a role in maintaining the integrity of the tissues that line the colon and the entire gastrointestinal tract. All this improves the digestive process and facilitates the purification of the body, thereby losing weight.

– Helps with weight loss. The broth made with bones is a very complete and low-calorie meal, and the gelatin it contains increases the feeling of satiety.

– Combat inflammation. The amino acids in bone broth have anti-inflammatory properties, which help heal the body and prevent all kinds of diseases. Additionally it benefits the purification of the organism and with it helps to lose weight faster.

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