How do I attach the snow chains to the car? Here is the technique, step by step

During winter, drivers face a new enemy of road safety: the snow. Especially in those more mountainous areas and towns, this precipitation is common during these months and requires you to always be prepared to get off the road with the appropriate snow chains in your boot.

However, always carrying them in the car is of little use if you do not know how to install them correctly. To learn (or refresh knowledge), the Civil Guard has left a short video on its Twitter profile in which, step by step, explains how the snow chains have to be fitted correctly.

The first thing is to know what type of traction does the vehicle have: if it is front, the chains are placed on the front wheels and if it is rear, the chains are placed on the rear tires. In the case of having a four-wheel drive car, it is better to place them on the front wheels if you only have a couple of chains.

The chain is passed behind the tire (that is, under the car) and the wheel is encircled with both ends, which are fastened at the top of the rubber. Then, it is about tightening and fastening the different segments of the chain surrounding the entire wheel and making sure that the entire width of the tire is covered, with particular emphasis on the most hidden side of the rubber, the one that is below the vehicle.

Once placed, The Civil Guard agent recommends driving around 100 meters and re-tensioning the chain, as it will have become loose as you adjust. Once insured, you can always circulate taking extreme precautions. When the snow on the road is gone, the vehicle will have to be stopped and the chains removed, as they cannot be driven without snow.

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