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Covid-19 has greatly affected the mental well-being of people, since uncertainty about health, work and confinement within the home, have been the cause of an increase in anxiety attacks. However, to treat this problem, it is now possible to have the care of a professional psychological center capable of helping people to cope with these crises.

A considerable increase

The need to take advantage of the services of Pamplona psychologists offered by C21 Psicología Pamplona, ​​is due to the fact that in the face of the Covid-19 situation, the exponential increase in anxiety attacks in people has not stoppedIn these cases it is essential to have professional psychological treatment, which only this center can offer.

Anxiety is a normal response of the body when facing a crisis, in the face of uncertainty or with respect to sudden changes, since it works as an alert signal for the person to protect himself and adapt to the situation, achieving greater security And control.

The problem arises when anxiety appears in an intense way and ends up completely dominating the person, preventing them from feeling capable of overcoming the situation, increasing your fear and frustration, causing blockages that do not allow to take advantage of the positive qualities of anxiety.

Panic or anxiety attacks should not be taken lightly, as they can lead to people having to go to the emergency room due to breathing problems, chest pains or palpitations, which can be increased by symptoms known to Covid-19, which causes the person to believe that they suffer from the disease, thus increasing the intensity of anxiety.

Factors such as confinement within the home, social distancing rules, not knowing what will happen with the disease or uncertainty regarding work, cause anxiety attacks to be more common among people, especially among people who have lost their work or have sick relatives, for example.

With the constant anxiety attacks, not only the mental well-being of people can be affected, also the body begins to present symptoms and quite serious problems, such as sore throats, skin reactions, muscle tension, cardiovascular problems, or a weakened immune system.

Therefore, it is important to have professionals who help you deal with anxiety attacks, in order to achieve greater control over your life, being possible to face the situation due to Covid-19 in the best way.

How can they help?

The Pamplona psychotherapy services of C21 Psicología Pamplona are the best solution to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and thus have a better mental well-being.

Through his effective methods and techniques, professionals at the psychological center can address the problems that cause anxiety attacksIn this way, better results can be obtained, beyond temporarily alleviating the discomfort and conditions caused by anxiety.

Through this psychotherapy, people can learn to manage their emotions, change their thoughts and avoid negative behaviors that can end up causing anxiety attacks, since they manage to develop effective techniques that allow them to face conflict when it occurs and thus prevent all negative effects on mental and physical health.

By having a professional who accompanies throughout the process, people will obtain a higher quality of life, which will improve their personal, sentimental, social and work relationships, allowing them to better cope with the current situation experienced by Covid-19 .

In addition, the sessions are offered in person or online, making the treatments more accessible. Similarly, are offered in a personalized way, since each patient is unique.

With the professional service of this psychological center, people can have a calmer life, without fear, anxiety or stress, while the whole situation of the pandemic passes.

In the face of anxiety attacks, the ideal is to have the professionals of C21 Psicología Pamplona, ​​given that their experience and knowledge in the sector allow them to find the best solutions for each patient.

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