How is Jaime Camil for the death of his father?

Jaime Camil's father died


Jaime Camil’s father died: How did Jaime Camil Garza die?

Last Sunday the sad news of the death of Jaime Camil Garza, father of Mexican actor Jaime Camil, was known after suffering septicemia in the city of Acapulco, which ended his life.

And although until now the protagonist of the telenovela “The most beautiful ugly” had not publicly referred to his enormous loss, this Tuesday he broke the silence, through an emotional letter dedicated to his father, which he shared on his Instagram account , and where praise and appreciation shine.

“My dad was a titan, life was always small for him, he lived all his experiences to the absolute maximum and a thousand revolutions per minute. 5 percent of their experiences could be equivalent to dozens of life cycles, “said the actor. “He left an indelible mark on whoever knew him, no one forgot about him and immediately made that person inexplicably love him. He allowed whoever it was (well, as long as they liked him) to enter his heart and feel confident calling him ‘uncle’. Come on, he ordered you to call him uncle, and the more he bothered you, the better ”.

Camil highlighted the great virtues of his father and how willing he was always to help others.

“His generosity had no limits, if someone needed something, be it someone close or even a stranger, I knew I could count on him, and well, even if I didn’t know it, I would receive a call out of nowhere and listen to my dad saying: what Do you want? What do you need… can I give you a plane, a doctor? ”, or better yet:“ I have everything ready ”.

The soap opera heartthrob recalled his childhood days and assured that he has the best memories with his father.

“Our childhood was infinitely privileged, not in material things, well yes, well, it would be absurd to deny it, but more than anything in the experiences it allowed us to have. How great, how lucky Kali, Erica, Melissa, Alexia, Jorge and I were, to have had him as a father ”, the Mexican mentioned.

“He knew how to be a true friend and he was always looking for the nice side of life and situations. He was an inveterate joker, good and bad jokes. Either they understood his humor or not. There were no half measures, and if you did not like his humor, he cared half a cucumber, “he added, highlighting the beauty he had. “What a way to live life, what envy of the way he lived his life. A full-fledged cab… with a personality of titanium, and unstoppable, and an incomparable gallantry, what a damn handsome! ”.

What did the businessman Jaime Camil Garza die of?The businessman Jaime Camil Garza, father of the actors Jaime and Issabela Camil, died this Sunday, after several days in a hospital in Acapulco. #MilenioHey! # M2 Subscribe to our channel: Follow our LIVE 24 hours: Site: https: / / Fb: https: // TW: 41: 28Z

The star of the small screen concluded his letter by mentioning his side to more people with his father and warning that although he already misses him and is hurt with this 2020, he feels that time will help him heal that pain.

“Beautiful daddy, thank you, fly, go hug your friends who were ahead of you and tell your mother to the ‘manager’ for this 2020, because without a doubt that is how you will get along with him. I cry you, I laugh at you, I claim you, I miss you, I smell you and I hug you with every breath, I know that time will help me process, ”said Camil.

Jaime Camil Garza dies in Acapulco: this is how his last moments were! | Tell me what you knowOfficial video of Telemundo Suelta La Sopa. Jaime Camil Garza, father of actor Jaime Camil and father-in-law of Sergio Mayer, died in a hospital in Acapulco, and this was his last moments. Download our App: SUBSCRIBE: Suelta La Sopa: It is an entertainment program that offers the latest news and headlines from the …2020-12-07T22: 34: 42Z

“I know that perhaps there is no answer when I say Pa, that no one scratches my back when I lie on top of you, but I know that in every feeling you will be there and listen to me. My name is Jaime Camil and I assure you that I pale before the true, original, I love you ”.

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