How is Number 18 able to have a daughter if she is a Red Patrol Android?

The development of the adventures of Dragon Ball Z sometimes generates many questions, if we do not pay detailed attention to what happens in each of the arcs. The fact that Krillin had a daughter with a Red Patrol android is one of many.

Therefore, it is time to clear up any questions about little Maron, daughter of Krillin and Number 18 through a completely natural gestation process.

How is it possible that Number 18 had a daughter? We must remember that this android was originally called Lazuli. Dr. Gero kidnapped her and her brother to experiment in the clandestine laboratories of the Red patrol.

The mad scientist of this evil organization had the ability to add or subtract levels of power to humanoids that he himself developed. And although this was done through a mechanical process, those who underwent these experiments never ceased to be human.

Many may remember Number 18 bleeding while fighting against Vegeta, Trunks or even Cell himself. That was the main sign to realize that the young woman was still a person.

So, her reproductive system was intact. The only mechanical thing both androids had on their bodies was a device that disabled them if they disobeyed Dr. Gero’s orders. It was the scientist’s mechanism to maintain control over these two rebellious creations.

It is very different with Number 16, whom he did make completely robotic, in the image and likeness of whoever his son was in the past.