How many children did Jaime Camil Garza have?

How many children did Jaime Camil Garza have?

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Jaime Camil Garza with his son Jaime Camil.

Mexican businessman Jaime Camil Garza died on December 6 after suffering a catastrophic septicemia. The father of actor Jaime Camil, died this Sunday in a hospital in Mexico City. The businessman had strong connections in the world of consulting, politics, and entertainment.

The truth is that the Camil family is recognized in the social and artistic world. The patriarch of the dynasty is Jaime Camil Garza was a great family man, who together with the former model Tony Starr formed a large family.

Jaime Camil Garza and Cecilia Saldaña Da Gama had Jaime Camil

But before Starr, Garza fell in love with Cecilia Saldaña Da Gama, together they had actor Jaime Camil. The actor is married to model Heidi Balvanera. Together they have two children: Elena Camil and Jaime III Camil. Above you can see a photo of Garza with Saldaña.

Jaime Camil Garza ended his relationship with Saldaña, and then he found love again in a young American model: Tony Starr, who already had three daughters from his previous romantic relationships with Armando Sotres and Roberto Trouyet: Kali Sotres Starr, Erika Sotres Starr (better known as Issabela Camil) and Melissa Trouyet Starr.

Which means that Garza was the stepfather of Kali, Erika (Issabela Camil) and Melissa.

  • Kali Sotres Starr is married to Jorge Zavala, the fruit of their union their three children were born: Jorge, Alejandro and Rodrigo.
  • Issabela Camil is married to the businessman, actor and also politician Sergio Mayer, together they have two daughters.
  • Melissa, who is the daughter of Tony Starr and Roberto Trouyet, married José Manuel García Colina in 2003.
  • Jaime Camil Garza and Tony Starr had children together

    Tony Star reveals the relationship of the Camils ​​with Luis Miguel | WindowingAt one time the Camils ​​welcomed Luis Miguel like a son and Tony Star, Issabela Camil’s mother, tells Ventaneando how living with the Sun was. Enjoy the content in real time on our official site: http: // www. Ventaneando, TV Azteca program hosted by Pati Chapoy in the company of Daniel Bisogno, …2018-05-29T01: 22: 36Z

    Jaime Camil Garza and Tony Starr also had children together. The children are named Jorge Camil Starr and Alexia Camil Starr. They are the youngest children of the marriage.

    Jorge Camil Starr is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to design instances: Enova, which is an initiative that aims to design and manage educational experiences in communities, interest and concern that he shares with Moís Cherem Arana and Raúl Maldonado) and in Dimitri Decoration and Interior Design .

    Alexia Camil Starr and Issac Bissu joined in marriage in October 2009, both are passionate about art, reports Clase.

    Which means that Jaime Camil Garza has three children. Garza has two biological children with Tony Starr. While with Cecilia Saldaña Da Gama he had a biological son, who is the actor Jaime Camil.

    In addition to having three biological children, he is also the stepfather of Tony Starr’s three children.

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