How much does Twitter Blue cost in Mexico and what functions does your payment include

His arrival took us all by surprise, but Twitter Blue It is finally available in Mexico. Although, with so many changes that the platform has gone through in recent months, the most understandable thing is that users are confused about what this new payment method includes.

Elon Musk had a more than turbulent period when he started as CEO of the blue bird social network. But over time we have seen how little by little things have become relatively stable.

Musk’s maximum guideline throughout this time has been to find how to monetize the social network to make it start generating more income and profits.

Under such a vision, the new Twitter Blue that has arrived in the country is not exactly the same as we knew when this subscription modality with unique benefits and functions was recently launched.

So it is the ideal time to detail all the details about this plan, including its price, improvements and all its changes.

This is the price of Twitter Blue in Mexico and this includes

Since last Friday, March 10, multiple users of the social network residing in Mexico began to report receiving a notification and a change in the interface of their account revealing the arrival of Twitter Blue in the country.

Our nation was not one of the first to receive the possibility of contracting this subscription plan and there were serious doubts about its cost and the functions that it would integrate, today we finally know them.

Following the same dynamic as in other markets, there will be two kinds of plans for Twitter Blue: one for the desktop version and another for the web. Each of them can be paid monthly or annually, representing substantial savings.

These are the functions to which you are entitled when contracting this subscription:

  • Early access to new Twitter features.
  • Check blue badge.
  • Longer tweets of up to 4,000 characters.
  • Ability to edit tweets up to 5 times within 30 minutes.
  • Share longer videos and in 1080p resolution.
  • Create folders for saved items.
  • Set an NFT as a profile image.

It sounds attractive but the key point to decide whether to hire this or not would be the cost. This is the price table:

Twitter Blue is finally available in Mexico.  Know its price and benefits.


  • Monthly plan: MXN $145 per month / MXN $1,740 per year
  • Annual plan (a single charge): MXN $126.67 / MXN $1,520 per year


  • Monthly Plan: MXN $200 per month / MXN $2,400 per year
  • Annual plan (a single charge): MSN $175 per month / MXN $2,100 per year

As we can see, the cost for Mexico is high, although the annual modality for the web version is relatively attractive.