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In turn, employees will request more incentives that allow them to achieve results even without joining offices at fixed hours.

The new context of telework opens the search for talent that, in the past, was sought locally with individual strengths and not in group ones, however, in this environment, it has become essential to integrate teams with digital skills that collaborate well from a distance.

According to Manpower, in the last four months of 2020, 59% of employers are planning to create more flexible work options in their companies for full-time workers. Of this percentage, one third will be for remote jobs.

The advantages of working remotely are the savings in operating costs integrated in transfers, less rent of spaces, elimination of network structures and other infrastructure of the physical spaces of the work centers. However, not all current workers or college graduates are prepared to perform in remote spaces in the high-performance culture that modern productivity demands.

Among the countries that we can count as high productivity models and that use this modality are the United States, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong, Germany and Switzerland, among others. Mexico has the challenge of learning from these nations and increasing the development of talent with the skills required by the labor market.

In this area, upper secondary and higher education are key to preparing young people and adults for direct employment and for entrepreneurship. The old model of the academic teacher who repeats books and shares anecdotes outside of employment has been overcome. A new university setting is required that challenges permanent adaptation, both for those who stimulate the learning experience and those who learn.

What characteristics must the teacher of the present have to stay current in this decade? On the one hand, a package of transversal skills is established that are essential for every professional. Among them we can highlight the technological skills in their area of ​​knowledge, efficient time management, generation of work teams, participatory leadership, effective communication, critical thinking, conflict resolution, persistence, and professional ethics.

These skills and competencies for work have become the basic requirements of all high-performance professionals.

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