How tall are you compared to the height of the Z Fighters, Bulma and Milk?

The stature of the Dragon Ball Z Warriors is completely varied. They come in all sizes: small like Krillin and Vegeta; average like Goku and Gohan; and quite tall as a basketball player, in Piccolo’s case.

Does that determine his fighting level? Nothing to see. Vegeta is one of the most powerful in Universe 7 and with a little effort he could defeat Piccolo, who far exceeds him in stature.

If you have thought about comparing your height with that of the most beloved Dragon Ball characters, now you have an indication.

A social network account that is dedicated to the Fan Service of the famous anime by Akira Toriyama made a Reels on Instagram in which it was measured with different members of the Z family.

There are the most important warriors in all the sagas and also two of the most outstanding waifus: Bulma and Milk.

How tall are the Dragon Ball Z Warriors?

The user DBZ_Over measures 1.82. She stood up with a white wall in the background and thus integrated the characters through animation. With Goku and Gohan, 1.79 and 1.80 respectively, she felt on equal footing.

With Milk and Bulma the same thing happened, since the waifus measure 1.63 and 1.65. She passed Goten as a child and far surpassed him since he measures 1.23 and with Krillin and Vegeta it was similar, since these two are 1.52 and 1.65, respectively.

However, when Piccolo’s turn came, he got scared, since the namekusei reaches 2 meters and 4 centimeters.