How the Ministry of the Armed Forces paid the OPEX bill in 2020 (1.461 billion)

1.461 billion euros, this is the total amount of the additional costs of the external and internal operations of the French army, the famous OPEX and MISSINT. This represents an increase of more than 60 million euros compared to the 2019 invoice (1.398 billion euros). Despite a drop in the cost of Operation Chammal in the Levant, the increase in the additional cost of OPEX and MISSINT in 2020 is mainly due to the increase in the workforce of Operation Barkhane in the Sahelo-Saharan strip (BSS) , which went from 4,500 to 5,100 soldiers and by the launch of Operation Resilience (Covid-19). An invoice that the Hôtel de Brienne paid in its entirety in 2020 like the …

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