How the Pritikin Diet helps you lose weight

The Pritikin diet was popularized by its creator, Nathan Pritikin, during the decade of 1970. its motivation was to foster a healthy life style, combining good nutrition with a Exercise routine.

Its purpose was to lose weight and help improve problems related to heart health. Although Pritikin was not a medical specialist, he reason to investigate on this matter their own heart condition, as Healthline points out.

Food control system

The diet is organized in a kind of traffic lights whose purpose is moderate the types of foods that are consumed. In essence, this system gives you priority to foods rich in fiber and low in fat.

DietDietThis diet tries to create a scale of foods that you can consume according to their effect on health. Source: Pixabay

This system has three levels: go ahead, caution and stop. The first level indicates which are the foods that must and can be consumed constantly.

This level includes foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, legumes, lean proteins and others like nonfat yogurt, which is rich in calcium.

The level of caution includes foods that should be consumed occasional way, but what must exclude from the general diet. These include oils, everything to do with refined sugar, as well as refined grains, that is, white bread, rice and pasta.

The third level is stop. In this sense, they are foods that should be consumed once a month and in moderate amounts. These include processed meats, margarines, dairy, and whole fat.

Exercise: the supplement to the diet

But eating well is not enough. You also need a daily exercise routine as a supplement to the diet.

The exercise is divided into, at least, three parts: the first has to do with the cardio workout, that is, performing cardio exercises 30 to 90 minutes at least a day 6 times a week.

Then come the strength exercises. For these are only necessary 3 sessions a week and perform them during 20 minutes.

Exercises stretching should be done in a daily and dedicate at least 10 minutes.

Control stress levels

Something fundamental to be able to achieve the objectives set is controlling stress. In fact, for this part you need the specialized help.

stressstressStress is a factor that works against when we want to have good health. Source: Shutterstock

The family and friends They can also be part of this plan by helping to reinforce the affective ties and encourage us to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.

The Pritikin diet has a assistance center in California where all aspects of the program can be carried out under the advice of qualified personnel.

But what We could do if we don’t have the resources to cover the costs of the program? We can follow the basic guidelines proposed to improve our quality of life.

No need to follow food programs what do they promise us lose weight miraculously but that in the long run they end compromising our health. It would be advisable to go with a nutritionist for detailed information on this topic.

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