Among the many shortcuts that we can add to the Control Center of our devices there is one in particular that, although it is not given much importance, is really practical: Changing font size.

A kind of regulator similar to that of the screen brightness or volume that allows us to instantly change the font size of our device just sliding. How is it activated? Keep reading.

How to activate the font size regulator in the Control Center

In order to have this regulator available we must carry out two separate actions, the first activating the Larger text, and the second add the controller to the Control Center. Let’s start with the first.

How to activate the largest text on iOS and iPadOS

1st Opens Adjustments, and access Accessibility.

2nd Within Accessibility click on Screen and text size.

3rd Here we will select the second option where it says Larger text. We will click on it and slide the toogle to activate it.

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The Larger Text option allows apps that are adapted to the dynamic font size to adjust their font to the size that best suits you.

With this first part activated, we continue to add the regulator to the Control Center.

How to add the Text Size slider to the Control Center

1st Opens Adjustments and go to Control center.

2nd Within Control center click on Customize controls.

3rd Here we will find a list with the controls currently active in the Control Center in a first block and those that we can add in a second. In the second we look Text size and click on the button with a + green in front to add it to the first block.

If you have reached this point, you will already have a button with two letters A in a different size available in the Control Center.

Pressing on it will open a regulator that will allow you to set the font size that you prefer, showing as an example the text that is on the regulator itself.

This function can be activated and used in iPadOS in the same way as in iOS, so it may be good to have it on the Cupertino tablet as well.