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Every day, there are more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp, a messenger owned by Facebook that is the most used globally and that every day adds more and more users. Therefore, set a PIN or fingerprint entry it can be a good measure. So many millions using the app daily is an element that opens the door for people to be interested in spy on WhatsApp of others, be friends, partner, family, co-workers, among others.

Unfortunately, there are many oversights that as users we can commit and that open the door to us being victims of espionage in our WhatsApp accounts by third parties. If you set a PIN (don’t forget it) or use your Fingerprints, you can be a little calmer. But beware, one of the most common forms of spy on chat of another person is through malicious messagesThat’s why you should be careful who you open and what strange links you click or press.

Steps to prevent your partner from spying on you on WhatsApp:

Two-step verification: While WhatsApp is not one of the safest tools in terms of Privacy, it is highly reliable if we use it correctly, closing the door to the spies. One of them is two-step verification. For her, you should not install anything. Just do the following:

Enter ‘Settings’ (In the three points) Enter ‘Account’ Enter the option ‘Verification in two steps’ Choose a PIN and that’s it

With 2-Step Verification active, you will periodically be prompted for the password you have previously registered. It will help you when you change cell phone. Note: If you put passwords like 123456 or 654321, don’t expect much privacy in your WhatsApp.

How to avoid spying on my WhatsApp using my fingerprint

Fingerprint lock: If the risk of someone guessing your password Or if you forget it has you with some nervousness, what you could do is opt for another of the security modalities included in WhatsApp. This is: using your fingerprints or fingerprints to block access to your chats. To do this, you must do the following:

Enter ‘Settings’ (In the three points) Enter ‘Account’ Enter ‘Privacy’ Choose ‘Lock with fingerprint’

By opting for this means of security, you can set parameters such as the time that WhatsApp will be blocked and will ask you to use your fingerprint. The options are: Immediately, after 1 minute, after 30 minutes.

Finally, remember that if there are things that are too private that you do not want anyone else to see, the best way is not to spread them by any electronic means. Especially if it is labor or financial data that could cost you money and losses.

You must be careful with the contacts who send you messages, do not open any link and do not accept that they put you in groups that you do not trust.

Also remember that many computers bring pattern passwords, PINs or even facial recognition blocking, which are helpful when protecting your private information. Another tip, if you use WhatsApp Web, don’t forget to log out, as leaving it activated is an open door for them to read your chats.

Remember that WhatsApp can suspend your account for misuse, so you must know the application’s policies and not disturb others or share content that violates the terms of that free service offered by the messenger.

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