How to build a koi fish pond

Find the right place and start building

You will have to make sure that the site you are going to choose it is accessible and you can easily carry all the materials. Some people prefer to have it visible, while other people prefer to walk to get to it. Think about it before you get down to work!

Once you have chosen the place, you will have to clean the area thoroughly and trace the shape of the pond on the ground. You can use string or paint to make sure you are happy with the size and location of the pond.

Then you will have to dig the hole using the measurements you have planned previously. Once you have made the hole, you should cover the pond with a resistant plastic or rubber liner. In addition, it is important that you remove any sharp stones that could damage the coating when laying it.

After this step, you will have to place stones around the edge of the pond. Use large stones to completely cover the siding that is level with the surface. Afterwards, you will have to dig a ridge around the stones to prevent rainwater and dirt from reaching the pond water.