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Voting centers in Venezuela open for elections to Parliament

Caracas, Dec 6 (EFE) .- The voting centers opened their doors in Venezuela on Sunday at 6:00 local time (10:00 GMT) for the holding of legislative elections, in which citizens will elect deputies that will form the National Assembly (AN, Parliament). The Parliament, currently with a large opposition majority and chaired by Juan Guaidó, will be renewed on January 5, the date on which the 277 legislators who are elected this day will take office. An hour before the official opening of the polling stations, the ruling party kicked off the day with recreational activities, such as the launching of pyrotechnic fires accompanied by the traditional trumpet music, known as the bull’s-eye, which sounds every time that in Venezuela elections are held. At the same time, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino posted a video on Twitter, in which, from the street, he called citizens to vote. “The day of the fatherland arrived (…) to get up to go to the voting centers,” said the military chief, who is leading this Sunday the deployment of more than 250,000 security agents throughout the country. The new Parliament will have 110 more deputies than the current ones, going from 167 to 277, by decision of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the governing body of the elections. The opposition group led by Guaidó, recognized president in charge of Venezuela by some 50 countries, does not participate in these elections because it considers them a “fraud.” However, some of their parties do present themselves, but with directives imposed by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) after the formations were intervened by the judicial institution. The elections will not be recognized by the international community, including the European Union (EU), considering that they are not transparent and fair. (c) EFE Agency

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