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Do you want to protect your home WiFi network while allowing access to friends and family who visit you? Well, there is a very simple way to achieve both objectives: just create a guest WiFi network. It is safe, allows you to access the Internet and you can disable it whenever you want, also control it as you see fit.

There are many ways to get around the pitfall of handing over the WiFi password of our house. For example, we can change the password momentarily so that nobody knows what the usual one is; it is possible to share the WiFi network with a QR code; although less secure, we can also activate the WPS button just enough time for guests to get internet connection for their mobiles; And there is another much simpler way to avoid any inconvenience: create a guest WiFi network. Let’s see how it is done.

Activate an exclusive WiFi network for your guests

This type of network is usually found in the settings of the most common routers, those that the operators deliver to their customers with the Internet access contracts (it is also common in the rest of the routers). If friends and / or family are close, it may not matter to share the password of the usual network, but it is always more practical have a specific one for those times when we have guests at home (with their respective smartphones). And, depending on the router, it will include various added options; like bandwidth management or MAC address filtering, for example.

To configure the guest WiFi, do the following:

Enter your router’s settings by accessing the WAN IP address (usually
Enter the configuration with the data of your router. By default, this data is on a sticker under the device (the best thing is that you change them for a personalized password).
Go to your router’s wireless settings and look for something like « Guest network« Your router likely has the specific option in the main settings menu.

Choose a name for the network (SSID), password (must be strong) and authentication method (preferably WPA2). If the options allow blocking the intranet, we recommend that you check it: this way the guests will not have access to the rest of the devices connected to the network.
The best is that select the 2.4 GHz network: is the most compatible. This way you make sure that all your guests’ mobiles can access the WiFi.
Once configured, you only have to activate the guest WiFi network when your friends and / or family come to your house. The rest of the time you must disconnect it to avoid the problem that someone unauthorized can sneak in.

Setting up a guest network from the router’s mobile app

Guest WiFi network is a splendid way to offer Internet connection without the downsides of fully opening the door to network privacy. We will be able to keep the passwords safe, we will control the access of the newcomers and we will have the switch with which to turn that network on and off. It is convenient to have it configured in order to anticipate any visit.


How to create a guest WiFi network to protect the main connection and its passwords

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