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We are going to explain how you can create a QR code for share your WiFi password quickly and easily. Surely you have had guests at home and you have had to get up to tell them the WiFi password, in case you do not know it or have it written down. Using a QR code you can control who knows the password and who does not, being a much faster method and how.

For this tutorial we are going to use a tool called QiFi, which will allow us to create a QR code of our WiFi network for free and easily. In less than five minutes you will have your QR created, ready to share with the house guests.

Create a QR code with your WiFi

The first thing we have to do is enter the QuiFi website. Once we have accessed this page, we only have to fill in the data. The first field that it will ask us for is the SSID, the name of your WiFi, the one that appears when you are going to connect to it, go.

The fields to fill in are the information about your WiFi: name of the network, type of security and password. Have this data on hand to create the QR

Second, you will have to fill in the Encryption section. This is the type of encryption your WiFi network uses. Normally it is WPA / WPA2, but you can always check the WiFi settings from your phone to check. Finally, it will ask us for the key: the password of our WiFi network.

Ready, once we have filled in these fields we can click ‘Generate’, so that the QR code is automatically generated. Once we have created it we can export it, an option that will allow us to save this QR in PNG format, that is, in an image without loss of quality. We will only have to share this key with our friends so that they can connect to the WiFi.

How to read this code with your mobile

To be able to scan this QR code, if you have a current mobile, it is most likely that don’t need to install any third party app. In the case of iPhones, they all have a QR code reader built into the mobile camera, so you just have to open the camera, point at the QR and let it read. In the case of Android, we recommend you take a look at the easiest ways to read QR without installing applications, since there are not few options that we have to read them without installing third-party apps.

Once you have read the QR code, the mobile will directly open the WiFi section and you will be able to access our network. The password will be saved on this phoneSo make sure that the QR falls into the hands of someone you trust. With this method, you can share the WiFi in a matter of seconds, sending an image to your guests.


How to create a QR code to share your WiFi password

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