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OneDrive is the personal cloud storage solution provided by the folks at Microsoft. As such, it is one of the most common alternatives in its field. And as often happens in these cases, from time to time users experience some rather annoying performance problems. However, it seems that there is one flaw that stands out above the others. We talk about, when in OneDrive, the message «This item may not exist or is no longer available«. Well, in this article we are going to teach you how to disappear it forever.

The first thing to say is that this error usually appears when we try to access a OneDrive folder in the browser. Then the cloud service can be corrupted and present this phrase.

We must even say that, in addition to the previous line of text that is read in the error message, it is possible that the element has actually been deleted, is expired or we do not have the permissions to see it.

Generally speaking, it is possible to say that this problem occurs mainly due to the renaming of the default document library on the OneDrive site, from Documents to another name. Fortunately we have some possible exits, so let’s get to know them.

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Get rid of “This item may not exist” in OneDrive

Well, first of all we must say that there is a key Microsoft tool in these cases. It is SharePoint Designer, or SPD. We refer to a free HTML editor that you can use to create and modify Microsoft SharePoint sites, workflows, and web pages. Beyond that, it must be used in this situation.

Open SharePoint Designer or, if you don’t have it installed, download it from this link Open the OneDrive site and browse all the files Right click on the library Select the option to rename Change the name of the folder in question to Documents

You may also, in certain circumstances, need to allow users to run custom scripts on personal sites during the process, as well as run custom scripts on self-service sites. All of this from the SharePoint admin center.

In any case, once you’ve returned the folder name to the original in OneDrive, the phrase “This item may not exist or is no longer available” should be gone forever. And, with it, the inconvenience.

If it has helped you, you will also want to know how to back up any folder with OneDrive.

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