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The Fortnite skin TheGrefg has been highly anticipated since it was unveiled almost a year ago and is already a reality. It was unveiled by the streamer himself in a historic broadcast that widely doubled the record of concurrent viewers on Twitch and that has attracted the attention of the entire international community.

Is about a suit whose main characteristic is that it is evolutionary and it changes as kills are achieved during the game. As distinctive elements has a G on his chest and dragon balls in reference to the streamer’s favorite series: Dragon Ball.

As well will come with a knob shaped pick, a tribute to all those gamers who instead of keyboard and mouse opt for the typical game console controllers and who don’t stop there, since the dance will have a special version for those players who use this type of peripherals to play.

Its official departure date is January 16, although In Spain it will be released at 01:00 on the 17th in peninsular time and at 00:00 in the Canary Islands. It will do it at a price not yet defined at all, but to get an idea the complete pack will be worth between 2000 and 3000 V-Bucks, Fortnite’s premium currency.

It will not be the only way to get it, since there will be certain options to do it completely free of charge. The first one is a custom map uploaded by TheGrefg himself, TheGrefg Deathrun, which will reward the top 100 times with this skin. The first will also take a full-scale replica of the peak.

But it won’t stay there, since There will also be an in-game tournament that will also mean the return of a very popular mode that could already be enjoyed on the old map: The Floor is Lava. It will take place on January 14 and 15 and will also reward the best with the skin.

The name of the mode perfectly illustrates what it is: Lava appears from the ground, so it is a handicap to be taken into account by players who will have to flee from it if they do not want to die. There will be a harpoon weapon and explosives and surely Epic Games has a surprise in store to make it even more attractive.

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