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Internet security is seriously threatened. The typical collection of malware, increasingly sophisticated and massive, has been joined in 2020 by all consequences of the COVID pandemic, a great challenge also in terms of cybersecurity.

And it is that the confinements due to the pandemic have displaced millions of employees and students from perimeter networks generally well protected to those of the most insecure homes by default. It has also increased disinformation, the fake news and in general the manipulation of the information that some analysts consider one more a problem of computer security.

Of course, it has not been lacking malware of all kinds, viruses, Trojans and specimens of all conditions and for all platforms. Cyber ​​attacks are increasingly numerous, sophisticated, dangerous and massive with Ransomware and Phishing as the main threats. The data breaches and the right to privacy, and cyber espionage that does not rest, are also the order of the day and complete an explosive cocktail.

Therefore, the common user must adopt proactive measures to improve security. Achieving 100% security and privacy in a global network and in such a connected world is simply impossible, but we can increase protection by observing a series of tips that our very security colleagues have published and that we recommend.

They include the strengthening of online accounts, the use of operating systems and applications, equipment and networks. And common sense in the use of the Internet and its services. Prudence is one of the preferred barriers against malware And it is advisable to be extremely cautious against phishing or ransomware attacks, which as soon as we pay attention we can prevent, because to be effective they use precisely the carelessness of the user.

To do this, we must avoid installing applications from unsafe sites; the opening of unsolicited emails or attachments that arrive from social networks or messaging applications; browsing certain Internet pages; or using outdated operating systems and applications, which contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals in malware campaigns.

You have the complete guide to help improve Internet security at very security.

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