How to make a virtual presentation that captivates, in five easy steps

According to Visme, 75 percent of people are afraid to speak in public or make a presentation, virtual or traditional

For 90 percent of the public, this anxiety and fear usually comes from the fact that many do not feel prepared for these sessions.

In fact, nine out of ten individuals feel more confident about the success of these events if they have well-designed slides.

The arrival of the home office brought with it multiple challenges for brands and professionals. On one side, the number of cybersecurity incidents increased, putting users and employees alike at risk. At the same time, it seems to be in many cases more stressful than a traditional office. But it also required people to adapt to using digital tools. Among them, the use of virtual presentation both with the team and with clients.

The big problem with this presentation format is that few people know how to create a great experience that grabs the audience’s attention. According to Deliverable Coaching, 65 percent of people who are attending a virtual presentation are not paying their full attention to the content. And those who in theory are not doing anything else, can easily be distracted and start wandering instead of attending to what is happening on the screen.

Is there a way to create a virtual presentation that truly grabs the attention of the entire audience? According to Comunal Coworking, there are several tips that can be put in place to make the information visually attractive. And thus, the message of the presenter can be transmitted in a more satisfactory and simple way. Specifically, the chain of shared workspaces points out that there are five key recommendations in this regard:

The virtual presentation must have precise and concise content

The first point to consider is the loading of information on the slides. The purpose of a slide in a virtual presentation is to serve as a guide for the speaker as well as a visual reference point for the audience. Text walls aren’t just intimidating to people. Nobody really has the time or the intention to read what is on the screen if it is several lines. It is best to focus on a couple of bullets that summarize the idea in general.

Related Notes

Consider timing and dynamics

One of the big problems with attention, especially during a virtual presentation, is that people cannot focus on one thing for long. You have to constantly renew your interest, as well as maintain a dynamic pace. If the speaker is always in a monotonous cadence, he will quickly lose his audience. It is crucial to have a good pace, as well as to consider questions from the audience and the time available.

It is good to rehearse your virtual presentation

Another common mistake among experts and professionals is preparing a series of slides and a speech, but never putting it into practice before the virtual presentation. This is even more important when preparing a class or webinar for large audiences. If a practice session is not done before crunch time, problems may arise during the final session. For example, it takes time to address some of the key issues.

Implement design thinking sessions

One of the best ways to keep your audience’s attention during a virtual presentation is to engage them in the session. And one of the most interesting strategies is to create exercises in which the whole public develops, together, projects or solutions that revolve around the central theme. Prototypes, mind maps, campaigns, surveys, staging and other resources can be very effective in keeping the public engaged.

Use interactive platforms in the virtual presentation

As part of these dynamics, and with the entire situation of social distancing due to the health crisis, it is essential that people consider digital tools. Apps where you can do quizzes or creative projects during a virtual presentation, from a distance, will be crucial to attract the public’s attention. Even when the majority of the public is back in the traditional offices, they will remain in force to facilitate interaction.

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