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Betting everything on e-commerce has been one of the business survival strategies for the post-pandemic. Thousands of entrepreneurs made that decision seeing how users turned to online purchases during confinement, and the New Normal. If you are one of those who has become fond of getting what you want from the web and receiving it at home, you should take into account these tricks to perform secure shopping over the Internet.

The fact is that the last months of our lives have shown us that we can obtain almost anything through an online store. Even medicines. It would not be unfair to say that, without the Internet, our lives would have been really difficult in 2020. Now, that does not mean that we take some risks by relying on it.

In this context, cases of online attacks through e-commerce sites have grown all over the world, along with the volume of sales through this medium. Studies indicate that the most common type of e-commerce fraud is payment fraud. Therefore, when paying is when you have to be most attentive about the procedure you carry out. These tips could help you prevent a scam or scam.

make safe purchases Internet 3make safe purchases Internet 3

Tricks to enjoy safe shopping on the Internet

As we said, there are certain situations or circumstances that you should be aware of to avoid an attack during an online purchase. Below, we detail some of them so that you know them:

Be aware of the different types of fraud

Knowing what the different types of fraud are is the first step in stopping them. There are a wide variety of them, from identity theft, phishing, card testing, and many others. Our recommendation is that you read as much as possible about each one so that you can act if you notice something strange.

Recognize when it comes to a bot

Recently it has been known about attacks on clients perpetrated using Artificial Intelligence. Needless to say, this is not the raison d’être of bots. However, they are able to track online stores to alter product prices and inventory. If you notice that a website is slow to load, leave it.

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Use a VPN

We constantly talk about the benefits of using a VPN. Thanks to virtual private networks, you can buy in a quiet way, without anyone being able to record your activity. In addition, there are VPNs that are specially designed for electronic commerce, with specific functions for these purposes.

Just in case, we leave you a list of 5 free and easy-to-use VPN extensions in Google Chrome.

Too much publicity, bad sign

When you see that too many ads appear on the site, especially pop-ups, you should increase your vigilance. Malicious sites generally host pop-up windows that try to access your system.

Find a secure payment platform

Fraud in Internet purchases is often related to the timing of payments. Basically, because thieves want your money. For this reason, you should only trust secure payment platforms. Our suggestion in this regard is that you opt for PayPal or any other that accepts claims.

make safe purchases Internet 4make safe purchases Internet 4


As long as you pay attention to all the issues we have mentioned, you will be in a position to make safe purchases on the Internet. As you can see, they are not too complicated procedures.

In any case, both merchants and customers have to exercise caution.

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