How to open EXE files on a Mac (macOS)

In this sense, when we want to use a program on Mac that is only available as an EXE program or installer, the best we can do is check if there is a specific version developed for installation on macOS. This is what happens, for example, with many popular programs that have different versions for different operating systems, in such a way that we will always find a version developed for Windows and another for macOS.

Opening an EXE file on macOS (Mac)

If we can’t find a version of that program developed for Mac, another popular option is run Windows from macOS, using an individual partition of the hard disk where to install this Microsoft operating system. Or, well, use what is known as emulator or virtual machine, which consist of a type of program that emulates a Windows PC and allows EXE programs based on this operating system to be installed, but without the need for a specific partition on the hard disk.