How to optimize and keep your Mac in perfect condition

A Mac is a tool for work and leisure, and keeping it in good condition is essential in our day to day. Although it is true that Macs require less maintenance than Windows computers, it is still advisable to do them from time to time. These maintenance tasks may not be easy for the vast majority of users, since reviewing files and apps that we have installed is something quite heavy.

Optimizing your Mac is really easy

As time goes by, apps that we install and delete, the browsers and websites that we visit, and many other things we do leave a trail on our Mac, with many junk files. And locating and deleting these types of files is not easy, not even for advanced users. And all these files can influence the performance of our Mac.

And if there is an ideal program for all these tasks, specially designed for macOS, with advanced functions and an exquisite design with a very intuitive user interface, that is CleanMyMac. It is an app that has been available for many years and now, with CleanMyMac X, it has become an essential tool.

CleanMyMac X the ultimate tool for your Mac

CleanMyMac is one of the most interesting tools that you can install on your Mac, one of those apps that you must install every time you start your computer. The best thing about CleanMyMac is that it allows you to easily maintain your Mac, without having to worry about anything. You just launch the app, scan your Mac, and delete all that junk data that is slowing it down.

But in CleanMyMac X we release some more interesting options besides deleting files or uninstalling applications on our Mac, there are privacy and optimization options performance that are well worth it. We are going to analyze all these options.

Smart analysis

In the left area of ​​CleanMyMac X we have a column with all the functions of this cleaning program. And in the upper area we have the so-called Smart Analysis. For those who do not want to complicate, this is the perfect point. Just by clicking on Analyze, CleanMyMac X will search our devices for all junk files that can be deleted to free up space and optimize the performance of our iPhone.

CleanMyMac X
The powerful CleanMyMac X program

By clicking here the program will do a general scan of our computer going through the steps of Cleanliness, Protection and Speed. That is, in one click, we will solve many of the possible problems that our Mac may have. The analysis may take several minutes, depending on how large the files you have on your Mac are.

In addition to this smart analysis, we can delve a little deeper into certain aspects that we want to focus on. These are the options:

  • Cleaning. Here you can search the system for garbage, empty attachments from the Mail app and manage the trash.
  • Protection. CleanMyMac X also has protection features that it can detect malware and delete it. In addition, you can also delete browsing and chat data.
  • Speed. This is directly related to improving the speed of the Mac. We have optimization options, managing different applications and what they can do, and options to free up RAM, space or cache.
CleanMyMac X cleaning
CleanMyMac X helps you clean your Mac


Another of the most important functions of CleanMyMac X is related to the applications that we have installed on our Mac. In fact, CleanMyMac is one of the best options to uninstall apps on macOS without leaving any kind of trace on our computer. Specifically, we have 3 options for application management:

  • Uninstaller. Here we have all the apps that we have on the Mac organized into different categories. We can see how much they occupy and uninstall any application eliminating all the files that may remain.
  • Upgrade. From CleanMyMac X we can also install updates to the apps we have, even if they are apps that we have downloaded from other platforms.
  • Extensions. In addition, we can also manage the extensions of different applications, eliminating those that we do not want.
CleanMyMac X protection
CleanMyMac X has very advanced features


Finally, we have a section dedicated exclusively to archives that we keep on our Mac. Many times we have things stored that we neither know nor know where they are. With CleanMyMac X we can manage them properly.

In CleanMyMac X all files will appear in order and you can delete large files quite easily. And also, we have the shredder option, a way to permanently delete files from our computer without them being able to be recovered again.

CleanMyMac X files
File management of CleanMyMac X

Definitely, CleanMyMac X is one of those apps that is always interesting to have installed on our Mac, especially if it is already a few years old. We can improve the performance of our computer, eliminate large files that can take up valuable space on this disk and manage applications.

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