How to play battle royale on BlueStacks? – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Now is the time to play on the PC officially.

He battle royale of Fortnite it has different ways of running on a PC. However, all those that had been seen previously, were not official versions. Then, the option of Bluestacks, a software that allows you to replicate what happens on your smartphone on your computer. It has the permission of the developers of Epic games and so you will be able to install it.

With the above ways you ran the risk of installing malware or programs that left your computer full of viruses. This is why the BlueStacks option is so popular. In addition, it is a process that is very simple and easy to apply.

Steps to play Fortnite on BlueStacks

First of all, you must download BlueStacks on your PC and then you must run the installer. The next step is to complete the setup in one go. Later, when you have completed the first two stations, you go to the search bar and place Fortnite Mobile.

That means that you are looking for it in the replica made by the PC of your cell phone. Then you are looking at the Play Store. Therefore, you must press install. Then you head towards My Apps and open the program. Ready and the video game is installed and available for enjoyment.

They are simple steps that the same instructions of the programs will tell you how to install. In the same way, we take the audacity to place a screenshot of the BlueStacks portal screen, so you can see the simple way in which they expose it.

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