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They are back! Fani and Christofer give themselves a new opportunity

Last November, the couple formed by Fani and Christofer, one of the most popular of the first edition of The Island of Temptations, decided to end their relationship after having overcome an arduous road of obstacles in which she was unfaithful. with Rubén. Both decided to go ahead with their relationship, fighting against thick and thin, although from that moment their love story became one of the media of the moment and, after the cancellation of their wedding, the rumors of mounting between them grew more and more. Now, a month after they separated, Carbajo and her boyfriend announced that they are giving each other a second chance. Although this month they have been able to meet third people, the truth is that the distance caused them to miss each other and to feel again the emotion of the beginning, the tickling of two people who are beginning to know each other. VIEW GALLERY Fani and Christofer, more than a wedding: They want to have a child! “We’re fooling around, we send messages and see each other for a few days. When I go home to see the child, he tells me to stay for dinner,” Christofer revealed very happy after having resumed the relationship with the love of his life. “I do not know how to explain it. We are conquering ourselves again and we are letting ourselves be carried away. For me she is everything. I admit that I have stagnated and that we can all have failures. I have tried to change it,” he added in Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program. In addition, Fani revealed that they still had not finished deciding on the employment situation in which he finds himself, since he is without work and does not want to return to the hospitality industry. “I don’t have much of a future in television and social networks, so I have been looking for work from other types, although they have rejected me for being who I am,” the young man confessed. “I thought they were going to think it was a claim, but quite the opposite,” he continued. VIEW GALLERY “Lately I see him more handsome because he dresses up more, wears more shirts and leather jackets. I like him more than before. I have been sincere from the beginning and I have told him that I have been with another boy. I am very excited about Christofer and I want to be with him, but I want to see changes. He settled in and I couldn’t take care of two children because he got up very late because he went to bed at a thousand to play the console. He tried to fight continuously and he spent a bit, “she revealed . And not only that, the family of the ex-survivor were always very present in the relationship between the couple, something that Christofer did not take at all well because he believed that Aunt Maite got too much between them. Then, the family member decided to go live on Saturday Deluxe to clarify what she thinks about them: “They are totally different and as a couple I do not see them, there may come a time when they reach a good understanding, but not at this time” he expressed. How long will the couple stay again? We hope very much!

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