how to remove snow from balconies

The snow accumulated in the last hours can cause us some trouble if small measures are not taken that can avoid embarrassing situations or even serious incidents.

These are some of those tips offered by professionals from different sectors:

Remove accumulated snow from balconies

The Civil Guard and the surveyors recommend, when it stops snowing, remove accumulated snow from balconies before it turns to ice at night with the drop in temperature.

In addition, they warn that some balconies or terraces, depending on the design of their architecture, could have trouble bearing so much weight.

However, according to the Technical Building Code, the snow overload for areas below 1,000 meters is 100 kg / m2; would have to be more than 80 centimeters of snow“to start worrying”.

Snow in portable pools and air conditioners

The General Council of Technical Architecture of Spain also warns of the risk of portable pools placed on terraces, because they can place great loads on these infrastructures.

It’s recommended clear cornices, overhangs and anchored appliances of snow to the façade (air conditioning units) to guarantee the safety of people and it is recommended to use qualified professionals to check and evaluate the real state of the buildings.

Remove snow from parked cars and open roads

Experts also recall the convenience of open access roads to garagesshoveling the snow and adding salt to the cleaned surface.

If the car is parked on the street, remove the snow now that it is soft because when it freezes, it will get hard and it will be more difficult to remove it.

Caught in cars

Stay inside cars, turn on the heat, and leave a window ajar to promote air renewal.

If we do not have experience in driving with these weather conditions, better stop in designated areas for them with the lights of crosses lit, according to the Red Cross.

If you have to leave home

The advice is avoid leaving home if you don’t have to and if it is forced to do so, dress warmly with appropriate clothing and footwear.

Try do not go near areas where there is a risk of detachment And remember that in addition to snow, ice sheets can form on roofs and trees.

Keep the mobile battery charged and do not use your own vehicle without chains or suitable tires.

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