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Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, of course. Many take advantage of this platform not only to follow the activity of their contacts or try to link, but also to send important information through their internal messaging, even with audios. It happens that sometimes it is important to download these files so that you can listen to them later. Therefore, in this article we want to teach you how to save instagram audio messages in iPhone. It is a simple but extremely useful process, as you will see.

The first thing you have to know, in this sense, is that there is no native way to save voice messages or any other audio file from the Instagram app on iPhone. However, we do have a screen recorder that is built into iOS. With that and an audio format conversion app, it may be enough to achieve our mission and, thus, store those audios and then do what we want with them.

save audio Instagram iPhone 2save audio Instagram iPhone 2

Save Instagram Audio Messages on iPhone Step by Step

First of all, open the Instagram app on your iPhone as you normally do There, click on the Message icon, near the upper right corner, to access the MP Find the message you want to store on your device, and open it Then, slide the finger down to open the Control Center There tap on the Record icon to capture both the image and the sound from your device Close the control center and return to Instagram, playing the audio in question When it has been played completely, press Record to stop recording

Having concluded the above, keep in mind that from the Photo Gallery, you can trim the recording so that only the part of the audio that interests you remains, removing the remaining seconds.

save audio Instagram iPhone 1.5save audio Instagram iPhone 1.5

And how to extract audio from video?

Although you can leave the tutorial here and be satisfied, what happens is that video files weigh much more than audio-only files. Therefore, if you are going to repeat this action several times, our advice is that you continue with the tutorial and learn how to extract the audio from the video, which could also be useful in other circumstances.

Although within the App Store there are several apps that can be useful in these instances, we believe that one of the best is MyMP3, which we recommend that you download from this link.

Two other alternatives that you should also look at are Media Converter and Video to MP3.

With that said, follow these steps to use MyMP3:

Open the application Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner Click on “Choose video from Gallery” and select the screen recording we are talking about Click on the three dots to the right of the file to open, send or change the name of the When you give it the indication, MyMP3 will proceed to cut the video from the file, resulting in an MP3

As you can see, it won’t bring you too much trouble, and in seconds you will have completed this task.

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