How to send direct messages in Clubhouse, is it possible?

Clubhouse is a new format, a different social network than the ones we are used to. This social network is voice-based and in communication with other users, without the need to see us and without any type of image. A kind of modern radio where anyone can create a room to talk to whoever they want.

Clubhouse on iPhone
Will Clubhouse be the new fashion app?

Club House just hit the market and it is necessary to have an invitation to register, although there are interesting ways to get an invitation. We already know how to create a room, how to activate notifications for when people we like speak, how to change your username, create a club in the Clubhouse or how to silence us.

Can you send a direct message to someone in the Clubhouse?

Unfortunately, Clubhouse does not allow you to send direct messages to anyone within the application. It is a function that may come in the future, but at the moment we don’t have DMs in Clubhouse. Perhaps it is something that is done on purpose, it is an app focused on voice, so sending written messages does not fall within its “nature”.

You “can” send a direct message to a Clubhouse user

However, despite the fact that there is no way to send direct messages in Clubhouse, we have a way of communicating through messages with other users. This is achieved thanks to our profile is associated with a Twitter or Instagram account. Any user can link their existing social media profiles to their Clubhouse account to facilitate direct message contact.

clubhouse ipadizate
Clubhouse is the social network of the moment

To send a message to a Clubhouse user, these are the steps you must follow:

  1. Top left tap on the search icon.
  2. Locate the user with which you want to contact.
  3. Within the profile below, you have the option to enter the Twitter or Instagram profile user.
  4. Once inside Twitter or Instagram, you can send you a direct message.

It is true that these users could have direct messages closed in these social networks, but at the moment it is the only way to send direct messages to Clubhouse users.

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