how to silence yourself or someone

Clubhouse wants to revolutionize social networks with a concept very different from what we now have and that takes advantage of the great moment that podcasts are experiencing. This new social network is based on the voice and not on the image, where exchanging knowledge with other users is the main thing, we could understand it as a live podcast app. And today we are going to show you how the mute options work in Clubhouse.

clubhouse ipadizate
Clubhouse is the social network of the moment

The app has just been born and at the moment it is necessary to have an invitation to register, although there are interesting ways to get an invitation. We already know how to create a room, how to activate notifications for when people we like speak, change your username or how to create a club in Clubhouse.

Roles in a Clubhouse Balance

The first thing you should know is that depending on your role in a room, the options to speak and mute are restricted. These are the current options:

  • Moderator. A moderator in a Clubhouse room is someone who can control the procedures of a conversation within the room. They have the power to silence others, select who can be a speaker, or remove a speaker.
  • Speaker. Speakers have the ability to speak during a conversation, they can unmute their microphone to speak, and they can also mute their microphones.
  • Public. Audience members can only hear a conversation in the Clubhouse. The microphone will remain muted forever unless a moderator approves your request to speak.

How to mute yourself in Clubhouse

By default, when you enter a room as a speaker, your microphone will appear muted. In the lower area you have several different icons, and in the right area you will see the microphone icon. If it is crossed out, it means that you are muted and that no one can hear you. It’s also possible that a moderator has muted you for some reason.

mute clubhouse
So you can silence yourself in Clubhouse

How to mute a person in Clubhouse

If when you are in a room there is a speaker who has forgotten turn off the mic and mute, or maybe that person you don’t like how he talks, it is possible to mute any user of a room in Clubhouse.

To silence a user in Clubhouse you must follow these steps, although remember that you must be a moderator to do it:

  • Enter the clubhouse room.
  • Tap on the Username that you want to silence.
  • Next to their profile photo you will see a microphone.
  • Tap on this icon to mute a user.

This is how you can mute a user in Clubhouse, but you should always keep in mind that your role within the room is the one that will make you have more or fewer options when it comes to silencing yourself or other users.

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