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We all have anecdotes related to online shopping. That time the package did not arrive on time and we had to go personally to get it. That purchase that was nothing like what we had seen on the page. That offer that seemed too good to be true and we did not dare to ask …

Shopping online does not have to be an ordeal. Many we shop frequently and, most of the time, things are going well. Unforeseen events can always happen, but they also happen in physical stores. However, there are precautions that we must take before going to certain online stores.

Here are some tips and indicators that will help us determine for ourselves if the online stores we visit are they legit or should we avoid them. And to avoid problems with shopping online, before, during and after, see also this article. You will save yourself more than one problem.

What should online stores have

There is a list of minimums that we must require an online store. Sometimes we don’t stop to think about it. It is common to find new stores from the search engine, from the search for an item that is there, only there, and at a very attractive price.

But if you want to avoid problems after the purchase, you should make sure that this online store meets certain requirements. It won’t take long.

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Company information. Where is its headquarters? How to contact them? Do you have a helpline? Make sure that online store has a physical location.

Digital certificate. Are purchases safe? Do you use encrypted payment gateways? Make sure the page uses encryption when entering personal information.

Legal texts. It is not necessary to read them in full, but check if it has terms and conditions or various policies, legal texts that every company must publish on its website.

More indicators for online stores

In addition to these three keys, there are other aspects that we can check to see if that online store is reliable. For example your reputation. Is it talked about on the internet? Do you have good reviews?

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From here, there are other details to keep in mind for avoid falling into fraud and cheating in online stores. For example, payment methods. Online stores must provide several payment methods, in addition to the usual credit card. Cash on delivery, bank transfer, PayPal and others … The more, the better.

Prices are also something to consider. Online stores can offer lower prices on their products since they have less costs than a physical store. But that leeway is not infinite, so if you see excessively low prices, distrust. Especially if it is brands that are not usually discounted.

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