How to turn off Siri on Apple Watch

Many times Siri works more than we need. Apple’s virtual assistant is designed to answer almost any question and execute some commands when requested. However, sometimes it is also activated on its own and for some users it can be annoying. Therefore, there is a solution to avoid these situations or those in which we simply do not feel like interacting with it.

For prevent the famous “Hey Siri” from activating when we don’t want it, specifically on our Apple WatchThere are a couple of configurations that are appropriate for the requirement and whose configuration only takes a few minutes.

So we can disable Siri on Apple Watch

To disable Siri on Apple Watch there are two options. One allows you to do it directly from the device and the other through our iPhone.

How to disable Hey Siri on Apple Watch?

Go to Setting.
I touched Siri.
Disable Listen “Hey Siri”.
How to disable Hey Siri on Apple Watch on your iPhone?

Open the app Watch on the iPhone.
Scroll down and tap Siri.
Disable Listen Hey Siri.

Disabling this feature will remove any accidental Siri queries that occur when your Apple Watch mishears you or hear someone else’s “Hey Siri” command.

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Yes, disable Siri on Apple Watch, don’t disable dictation, which uses Siri-based services to interpret your voice to text for text messages. If you want to disable all Siri services, you must also disable dictation.

How to disable Dictation on Apple Watch?

On your Apple Watch, open Settings.

I touched General.
I touched Dictation.
Turn off dictation.
I touched “Disable dictation” when prompted.

Both configurations are reversible. For this reason and in case we want the assistant again at our service, we must follow an equally simple menu.