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Should we respect the charging and discharging cycles of a laptop battery?

The truth is that it is advice that, originally, today is not so appropriate. In fact, this pattern was true with older nickel-cadmium batteries, which required and needed regular charge and discharge cycles, even calibration, in order to always keep them in the best conditions.

However, with the arrival of Li-ion (lithium ion) batteries things have changed a bit. A) Yes, it is no longer necessary to respect the charge and discharge cycles.

However, this does not mean that this pattern cannot continue to work. Moreover, it is recommended, at least, carry out a full charge and discharge cycle once a month. It is what is known as calibration.

And doing it is actually extremely straightforward and simple. Simply let the laptop battery drain completely (i.e. go to sleep), and then recharge it completely and without interruption. In this way we will be able to keep it in good condition most of the time.

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