How to watch movies and series when traveling or away from home

Netflix it has become a headache for its subscribers. It sounds strange that someone pays for a service that doesn’t fully convince them, but nothing is perfect in life, not even being able to watch a movie or a series away from home or while traveling.

The streaming company was in charge of stopping the routine of its users of lending their accounts and passwords with friends and family. Now, in different countries, if you want to share an account with someone you have to pay a little more for an extra profile.

The phrase “people who live under the same roof” is increasingly used by Netflix, even in public announcements in which he even tries to look good: “We have always made it easy for people who live under the same roof to share their Netflix account with features like profiles and multi-screen viewing.”

“Now, there are more than 100 million households that share their accounts, which reduces our ability to invest in the creation of great stories, told with series and films of the highest quality”, he highlighted.

But how does Netflix detect that someone has shared your account? As explained in a report published on the website of Meristationthe owner of the account must indicate his location to the platform, that is, he cannot have two different locations… or maybe he can.

How to watch movies and series when traveling or away from home

Netflix may (and will not always) require a temporary code to grant access to the app for seven consecutive days. This appears to allow account sharing in a certain way or viewing content while away from home or on the go.

“When you sign in to an account from a device outside of your home or start using that device frequently, we may ask you to verify it before you can use it to watch Netflix or change your Netflix home. We do this to confirm that the device that uses the account is authorized to do so, ”explains the company in the latest update of your support page.

The temporary access code can arrive by email or by an SMS message to the phone that you have associated with the Netflix account. You just have to accept and you can see what you want normally.